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  Wildlife Ranching is currently evolving into an industry and needs to manage its genetic resources. The Industry also needs to play a significant role diversity management of Wildlife populations on ranch and for the entire industry. This necessitates the use of database systems, technology, and genetic tools already available in the world. The utilization of these systems and tools by the Wildlife Industry will leapfrog it into the modern era of diversity management, minimizing inbreeding while at the same time facilitating genetic improvement.

 The Independent Wildlife Database (WS2) utilizes  ILR2 system (Software System, offered by ABRI) that has been adapted to address the needs of the Southern African Wildlife Industry. The ILR2 system is globally the most used registering, recording and genetic evaluation system in the livestock industry and is used by 140 breed associations’ worldwide (45 countries) with collective databases exceeding 40 million animals(farm and game). ILR2 incorporates 50 person-years of software development – such is the depth of its design and functionality. This effort cannot easily be duplicated. Additional to this leading South African wildlife breeders and genetic experts have been involved in developing the WS2 system that is tailor-made to the South African Wildlife Ranching Industry. The system also takes into consideration that wildlife movement is limited to game parks and private game ranches. The genetic tool offered by WS2 have the ability to assist decision makers in the industry and wildlife ranchers to manage diversity of the different species within ranches and over the South African wildlife system as a whole.

 The foresight of wildlife leaders and ranchers to record the data such as microchip information, DNA profiles, genetic defects, colour, horn length, inter-calving periods, photographs and other traits now makes it possible to use this historic data as a starting point. This historic data makes it possible to start utilizing genetic analysis/tools to manage genetic diversity, assist with genetic improvement and plan sustainability of the industry and individual ranches. A number of genetic tools such as the Mating Predictor/GeneProb will assist breeders to maximize diversity and/or minimize inbreeding, track colour genes and genetic defects while ensuring genetic progress for e.g. horn length, colour, etc. The system is fully integrated with the internet and also offers iPhone and Android APP’s.

 To start recording on the WS2 system is as easy as submitting your microchip information, DNA profiles, other recorded data and photographs of your animals and we will utilize this to do parentage verification and supply you with registration certificates with parentage verification where DNA profiles are available.

 The following tools will be available to breeders once they have sufficient data on the system:

  • Internet solutions that offers animal enquiries, member enquiries, pedigrees, photos, etc. on via internet or iPhone and Android APP’s
  • Mating predictor – A basic mating predictor that calculates the inbreeding of potential mating’s
  • GeneProb – Its most common use is to track recessive genetic conditions but it can also be used to track genes of interest such as the genes for colour. It can also be used to track undesirable genes, such as genetic defects in the population as a whole
  • MateSel – Is an advanced mating planner that can manage genetic diversity, genetic gain, inbreeding and genetic defects, trait distributions, logistical constraints, and costs.

 Join the already growing number of leading wildlife breeders that have already joined the system to ensure that they move forward scientifically.

 WS2 is proud to be a member of WRSA and underwrites the principles and objectives of WRSA .