Consultancy Tariff Structure for Non-Members and Service Providers

Effective: 1 July 2016

Category A or B applies depending on the nature of the assignment conducted by staff of Wildlife Stud Services (Pty) Ltd.* For detail on SACNASP staff categories and proposed consultation fees, visit

** Subject to a minimum of 3 calendar months duration, and a mutually binding written cancellation notice period of 1 calendar month

Subsistence and Travel cost:

  • Vehicle cost per km: as per AA Rates Calculator (, currently at R 5.40/km for private vehicle (Pajero Sport 2.5) or Category A-vehicle tariff if using a rented vehicle; distance as per logbook or AA Distance Calculator.
  • Toll fees: as per receipt or billing.
  • Flight cost: as per customer agreed arrangement.
  • Accommodation: as per customer agreed arrangement (or a flat rate of R 500/day in RSA or US $ 150/day outside RSA, applicable in the absence of pre-arranged agreements).