Fee Structure


Annual Membership Fee: R 5 000 (excl. VAT)

Membership at Wildlife Stud Services are payable on registration as member and thereafter on the 1st of March annually

Members of WS2 avail the following services:
      • Genetic advisory services throughout the year (Free of Charge)
      • Annual Farm Visit
      • ILR2 database for recording & performance analysis
      • Internet Solutions (Record revision, Mating Predictor, etc)
      • Animal reports
      • Auction analysis of potential breeding stock

Animal Registrations

WS2 Animal recording is a once-off (lifetime) recording fee paid per active animal and includes:

      • Capturing/ updating data (animal recording, performance data, animal photos, DNA results, animal transfers),
      • Generating animal certificates & herd reports (recording & performance reports*** (selected species), animal summary report, parentage report, performance report, dam progeny report etc.),
      • Access to the web-based system (look up animals, use mating predictor to calculate inbreeding % etc.),
      • Genetic analysis when sufficient data is available (animal growth curves, heritability, selection indexes, breeding values etc.)
Animal Recording Fee Structure: 

Fee A: Exotic Wildlife and Colour Variants: R500 (VAT excluded)

New members receive a 20% discount on exotic wildlife and colour variant recording for the first year. From the second year onwards you can avail discount according to the total number of active animals recorded.

(Please refer to the diagram below for more information)

Fee B: Other species (Natural): R100 (VAT Excluded)

Other species as indicated on the (B) Fee Structure will be charged at R100 (VAT Excluded) per active animal and will not avail additional discount.

Historic/Ancestral records are added free of charge to improve and contribute to the animal profile and lineage of all animals involved. 

The free recording of ancestral/ historic animal records includes uploading of measurements, profile information, the previous owner and breeder information as well as a most recent photograph of the specific animal.

Recording requests may be submitted to our office by completing an animal recording sheets or you may submit your data in an excel sheet format or extracts from your on farm program in a csv. format.

All animals will be charged once we finalize the recording of each batch of recording requests received from the breeders. Animal birth of performance recording will be charged according to the specific species and/or colour of the animal.

Registration Rewards Level

The following can be provided when animals are registered on the database: 
      • Registration Certificates
      • Animal reports (Farm Report, Parentage Report, Dam Progeny Report, etc.)
      • Performance Analysis
      • Herd Performance Report
      • Catalogue layout

 Please note: DNA testing is not included in the above fees. DNA costs are payable to the laboratory of your choice