WS2 Services

Based on your own business model and breeding targets, we can generate information derived from your data on our system which you can be utilised to reach your targets and allow us to provide advice.

1. Pedigrees

DNA profiles and parentage verification are tested by various laboratories which WS2 uses the results to compile comprehensive pedigrees. Pedigrees form the basis of genetic analysis in order to predict breeding outcomes for all characteristics (for example horn growth, colour heredity & body weight).

Genetic diversity/Inbreeding can be managed by:
  • Mating predictor can be used to estimate inbreeding of potential mating selections. This can then be used to minimize inbreeding within the herd based on its pedigrees on record.
  • If Pedigree information is incomplete then the DNA profiles of the animals can be used to estimate relationships within the population (baseline study). This information can then be used to predict the relationship between potential mating selections. Inbreeding can be minimised, while diversity can be maintained or improved.

Pedigrees can also be used to predict sub-species classification based on DNA origin tests (Mitochondrial and nuclear DNA results) in species such as Sable, Roan, Bontebok, etc.

2. Birth Recordings

Birth recording involves the capturing of comprehensive information at birth of an animal and includes: identification details, gender, date of birth, suggested parentage, colour, birth weight and other important information.

Through birth recordings, the following can be established:

  • Pedigree data (DNA verified)
  • Reproduction (Most important trait) statistics:
    • age of first calving/lambing
    • inter calf periods
    • days last calved

(Data can be used to estimate if animals are kept under optimal conditions by comparing animals reproductive performance with the industry standard)

  • Physical attributes:
    • Colour
    • Horn form/shape
    • Weight
  • Sub-specie compilation/prediction

3. Performance Information

The WS2 system is designed to capture comprehensive performance data:

  • Horn traits
  • Body weight
  • Carcass traits
  • Reproductive traits (eg. scrotal circumference)

4. Reports

  • Birth recording status report
  • Dam Progeny report
  • Farm report
  • Performance report & graph (compares animals to herd and national averages)
  • Index report (for selection of superior animals – 45- 55% accuracy)
  • Breeding values (for selection of superior animals – 80% accuracy)

5. Genetic Services and Reports:

  • Breeding plans (colour variant and ram/bull selections) to minimize inbreeding and
    maximize diversity
  • Herd visit, regular visits to WS2 offices with telephone and email support.
  • Interpretation and processing of DNA results
  • Within herd analysis:
    • Herd averages, performance and evaluation of female animals, performance and
      evaluation of male animals.
    • Genetic analysis – selection indices will be available once sufficient data has been
      collected and stored.
  • Between herd analysis:
    • Individual breeders receives a report in which his/her own herd is compared with the
      average of the total herds.
    • Genetic analysis – breeding values will be available once sufficient data has been
      collected and stored.

6. Administration:

  • Birth recording reports with DNA verification
  • Record keeping system of photos, measurements, pedigrees and DNA results
  • Recording forms and manuals

7. Online Database:

  • Online database with access to records for management purposes.

The WS2 platform is a Web based system. As soon as you subscribe as a member, you will receive login details that you can use to access your herd's records on WS2. The confidentiality of any information that you share with WS2 is guaranteed at all times and you can decide for yourself how much - if any - of your information on the WS2 page will be accessible by other breeders (and/or potential buyers).

  • Mating predictor that calculates inbreeding of potential mating selections based on the pedigrees. This is a Program that you can use online to calculate the inbreeding percentages of simulated mating, that can be used to plan actual mating selections which will promote the best genetic variation.

Farm management programs and the WS2 system

Various programs are available for the record keeping and management of herds on game farms. WS2 always tries to have its central system work easily with these farm management programs. Animal recording and performance data can be sent electronically from the farm management program to the WS2 database. Data can also be exported from the central WS2 database into the farm management program in the event that you lost your data or you decide to migrate to a new farm management program.