The Wildlife Breeders Journal 2016 includes special sections on:

  • Wildlife breeding

Breeding with:

  1. Golden Wildebeest;
  2. Saddleback Impala;
  3. Livingstone eland;
  4. Bontebok

Genetic analysis of game species and the use of breeding values

Setting up breeding goals for your game herds

  • DNA Testing
    • Gene sequencing in game species: Golden Wildebeest
    • Parentage tests for predator species
    • Regulations on origin DNA testing for Roan antelope
  • Wildlife reproduction
    • Fertility of various game species: practical findings
    • Sperm abnormalities
    • Mating ratios for different species
  • Wildlife nutrition
    • Nutritional deficiencies and colour deviations
    • Effect of nutrition on puberty and performance
    • Mortalities due to malnutrition
  • Wildlife management
    • Big camp, small camp or no camp?
    • Translocation: Best practices
    • Legislations for keeping game
    • Animal handling
    • Animal health
  • Economics
    • Economic prediction of the game industry
    • Business plan for a game farming enterprise
    • Investment opportunities in the game industry
  • Wildlife auctions
    • WS² sales services (catalogue information & internet catalogue options)
    • Setting up a sales agreement
    • Sales statistics of 2015
  • Game meat
    • Potential, products etc.
    • Protocols for game meat abattoirs
  • Calendars
    • Education & Training calendar (WRSA, Care for Wild, Wildlife Nutrition, WS², etc.)
    • Sales calendar (Vleissentraal, Brandon Leer, BKB, GWK, Agra, etc.)
    • Farmers Days (SenWes, Obaro, Epol, WS², WRSA business chambers,etc.)

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